Voetstoots – What you should know

The word “Voetstoots” is Dutch in origin and means “sold as is” or “sold as it stands”. This legal term is for the protection of the Seller against liability for patent or latent defects.

A patent defect is one which is obvious and easily seen with reasonable inspection, like a broken window or crack in the wall. A latent defect is one which is hidden and not easily seen, like a leaking roof or hidden damp.

Neighbour Law – To cut or not to cut that tree?

So your neighbour’s trees are hanging over your wall, now what? Act within your rights.

It is general principle that the Property Owner is entitled to the use and enjoyment of the property provided that such use and enjoyment should not cause unreasonable damage or inconvenience to a neighbour, ie, interferes with his right of use and enjoyment.


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