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Marriage Contracts

Too often the purpose of marriage contracts is associated with divorce, but there are much more to having one than that.

A Marriage contract does provide for division of assets on dissolution of the marriage, but not only by divorce, but also by death. You can have a happy marriage for many years and still benefit from the protection a marriage contract.

The provisions of a marriage contract protect your assets from attachment by your spouse’s third party debtors. If either of you are in business or are dreaming of owning your own business one day, it is vital to conclude a marriage contract before you get married.

A Marriage contract must be concluded before a Notary Public BEFORE you get married. Without one you are automatically married in community of property. To change your martial property regime after conclusion of the marriage cannot be done without an expensive High Court application.

What is a Notary Public?

– an Attorney who completed a specific exam and was admitted as such in the High Court

There are different forms of marriage contracts, so be sure to consult with a qualified person who can advise you correctly and thoroughly. The contract cannot simply be changed later such as you would any other agreement.

Our offices can provide you with expert advice related and can assist you with the conclusion of the said contract in front of our in-house Notary Public.